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Technical FAQ

quick answers to technical questions you may have – a detailed documentation with video tutorials is coming soon


where can I get the app?

the app is available for free download from popular online stores


which operating system do I need?

currently we offer the apple IOS version – the Google Android version is coming soon


what kind of device do I need?

the app is designed for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones of the latest generation (from 2020)

importantly, the devices must be capable of augmented reality and have a 5G module built in


do i need access to the internet?

yes, the app requires access to the Internet to read or update your account and project information


do i need GPS?

yes, the GPS signal of the device must be permanently activated to determine the location of the augmented objects and the user


how does Augmented Reality work?

with AR technology, the real world, i.e. the effective camera image of the mobile device, is expanded with virtual content such as 3D models

the content is placed in the right perspective distortion and in real size at the exact position, which makes the visualization very realistic


what do I have to pay attention to during visualization?

to help with stabilization of the augmented content, the device needs a certain tracking area, such as the ground or other surfaces in proximity of the user

furthermore, the device must be moved slowly during visualization to ensure stability – quick changes in direction should be avoided

in case of stability problems, perform a recalibration of the project or restart the app


what about battery consumption?

the augmented reality app is power intensive and battery consumption is expected to increase – carrying an external charger such as a powerbank can be very useful

Structural FAQ

quick answers to structural questions you may have – a detailed documentation with video tutorials is coming soon


what is the difference between Free and Business?

the Free area is the test version of the app, is technically very limited and is intended exclusively for non-commercial use

the paid Business section of the app contains the full functionality, is reserved for official organizations and is intended for commercial use


how do I activate the Business section?

the business area of the app can be activated by registering the organization and subscribing to a license

for more information please check the following link
license plans


what are project credits?

project credits are the in-app currency

these are required for the business version of the app and can be used to create new projects


where can I use the app?

basically, the app works decentralized and completely location-independent

further the app is basically usable worldwide with only few technical restrictions


how long can I use my projects?

the acquired project credits as well as the created projects are available for the lifetime of the app and do not expire – more information can be found in the general terms of use of the app


what turbine models are available in the app?

currently the app has several pre-built turbine models, which are freely available in the business version

the existing model library is constantly being expanded and updated – if a required model is not yet available, simply contact us and we will be happy to add it to the library


how does the Account Management System work in the app?

within the account management system of the app you can manage your organization, enter and manage employees as well as enter new projects and assign them to the project teams

further, there are different roles and permissions that can be assigned to the employees within the organization to manage the collaborative teamwork


how does the Project Management System work in the app?

after creating and opening a specific project, it can be managed in detail in the project management system

different scenarios, wind turbine locations, calibration targets and turbine models can be defined and visualized directly on site

in addition, various lighting settings as well as basic settings of the app can be made in this area

Detailed Documentation
coming soon

we are working intensively on a detailed documentation with video tutorials and are looking forward to publish it soon

do you have any
more questions ?

we are looking forward to your questions, your suggestions and of course your exciting wind farm projects – please feel free to ping us at any time, we are always there for you